Selecting your perfect bed

Whichever of our beautiful adjustable beds you choose, you can be assured of the same benefits and the same high level of quality.

Choosing your size:

Our adjustable beds are available in a range of width options to ensure you can select the perfect size to meet your needs. Our standard beds are offered in up to six sizes and our dual beds in up to three. 

Sleep with a partner?  

Why not consider a dual model bed as this enables you both to select the perfect position for your best possible night’s sleep. You can also each select the type of mattress to best suit your needs and preferences. 

Need a custom length? 

That’s no problem! We can reduce or extend the standard internal length of 6’6”. Possible sizes are between 5’8” and 7”.


Choosing your style:

For the majority of our customers the decision on which bed to purchase will simply be a matter of preferred aesthetics. Our divan and scroll beds are available in a range of fabric styles, designs and colours to help you find your perfect look. 

Can’t find quite the right design? 

We have so many fabric options available it would be impossible to show them here, so please do get in touch if you have something specific in mind and we’ll be happy to help make your vision a reality. 

Need to accommodate a mobile hoist, stand-aid or over-bed table? 

The Tattershall divan features a subtle cut-out feature at the base which enables a hoist, stand aid or over-bed table to be used, either now or as needs change in the future. 


Our scroll and metal bed frames come with an integrated headboard.  We offer a range of optional headboards for our divan beds. 


A contemporary yet classic design, with smooth clean lines to give you a luxury finish. Upholstered in your choice of luxury fabrics, the Howard headboard will make any bed look sublime.


A statement headboard to give your room the minimalistic look. With clean-cut horizontal lines this headboard has a chic stylish look that will complete your bed beautifully.


Simple and stylish, the Kenilworth is the perfect understated choice to complement our beautiful divan beds.



This headboard boasts great silhouettes giving your room an edge of style. Sleek and elegant, this headboard will not only add support but will also give your bedroom a great new look.

Choosing your options and accessories:

We have a range of options and accessories that have been designed to your improve comfort, safety and convenience. 

Why not consider adding the option of massage to your bed to enhance your experience and ease you gently into sleep.

Our options and accessories can be viewed here

Choosing your mattress: 


Each individual spring is enclosed within its own fabric pocket and works independently from the other springs, reacting only to the pressure applied by the body to that specific area. This results in a mattress that delivers a greater degree of personalised support. Unlike standard mattresses, this 8” pocket-sprung mattress has been specifically designed to profile perfectly on our adjustable beds. A special adaptation to the sides of the mattress increases firmness, enabling easier transfers into and out of bed. 

Vasco (memory) foam pocket-sprung: 

We also offer a pocket-sprung mattress that incorporates a Vasco foam (memory foam) topper, which responds to natural body heat and conforms to the body’s natural contours, creating a feeling of being cocooned in comfort. This also spreads the sleeper’s weight more evenly, reducing pressure on the body’s bony areas such as the hips and shoulders. This extra layer of support increases the mattress depth to 9 – 10”.

Reflex foam:

Our Reflex mattress is made from a high-density responsive foam that provides support and a good level of firmness. Reflex foam incorporates tiny holes that gently adapt to body shape but bounce back at the same time. This offers firmer support and good spinal alignment. The foam density used is individual to your body weight and therefore is tailored to your needs. 

Vasco (memory) foam: 

Our memory foam mattress incorporates two distinct layers. The upper layer is comprised of memory foam which responds to natural body heat and conforms to the body’s shape, creating a ‘reflection’ of the body’s contours. This spreads weight evenly, reducing pressure on the body’s bony areas such as the hips and shoulders. The lower layer is made from Reflex foam, which is the same type as the mattress described above. All our mattresses are available in a range of sizes and levels of firmness to suit your choice of bed and your individual needs.

Our mattresses are manufactured to suit your weight, but we can adjust the level of firmness to accommodate a preference for a softer or firmer mattress. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

And don’t forget, we can help you to choose the best possible solution

If you need some advice and assistance choosing your bed, don’t forget we offer a free, no-obligation assessment by a member of our experienced team either in your home or in your local showroom. 

As a proud member of the British Healthcare Trades Association we comply with their Trading Standards Code of Practice, so you can be assured of a professional, no-pressure approach.