Options and accessories for bespoke riser recliner chairs

Pretty much everything and anything can be customised on our chairs to give the user the most comfort and support they need throughout the day.

Whether it’s a massaging heat pad, a removable cushion or a head pillow, with fully customisable options, we give our customers the option to select what they do and don’t want in their chairs.

So take a look at all the different customisable features available for all our chairs.


Massage & heat: 

Our massage and heat option adds a new dimension to your seating experience. The massage option delivers a range of different modes, speeds and intensities. You can select either a five zone system (targets upper back, lower back, hip, thigh and calf) or a three zone system (targets upper back, lower back and hip). The heat function can be combined with massage or used independently and has two settings, high or low.

Side transfer (removable) arms: 

To facilitate easy transfer into a chair from a wheelchair, you can select the option of having lift-off, removable arms to one side or both sides of your chair.  

Removable seat cushion: 

This option allows alternative seat cushion options to be used for enhanced pressure area care. 

Pressure area care seating: 

For users who are deemed to be at increased risk of pressure ulcer development, a higher performance seating system can be selected for the seat and leg sections. The options include Vasco foam, gel or a dynamic air option.

Battery back-up:

Useful in the event of a power failure, the battery backup will allow normal operation of the chair without mains power.

Fabric protection:

Our industry-leading fabric protector will extend the life of your chair’s fabric and help protect against stains and dirt.

USB charging port: 

This useful option allows you to charge your electronic devices from the comfort of your chair.


Head pillow: 

A soft, padded head pillow to add additional comfort and support.

Head cover (antimacassar):  

A removable fabric cover to protect the headrest of your chair.

Arm caps:  

Removable caps to protect the arms of your chair.

Scatter cushion:

Coordinating cushions to match or coordinate with your chair. 


As a proud member of the British Healthcare Trades Association, we want to make sure that our customers are receiving the best service from us as possible.

This means if you want to book a home assessment, one of our representatives will come to your home and help you our your family member, choose the right riser recliner chair that’s suitable for you or their needs.

So book online today to start the process of getting your brand new riser recliner chair to help give you or your loved ones the support they need.