Choosing the right chair

The perfectly stylish new Riser and Recliner chair brings comfort and functionality to your home.

For anyone who struggles to get up or sit down, an electric Riser Recliner chairs can make a great deal of difference. They come in many different shapes and sizes, with different features.

You might not know all the ins and outs of what our riser recliner chairs can do. And that’s fine, it can get quite technical.

That’s why we wanted to discuss the different features each of our riser recliner chairs have to make the decision you have to make, an easy one.

Whether it’s dual motor riser recliner chairs or variable angle lifts, we’ve got all the information covered below to help you choose the right chair for you and your needs.

Should I choose a single or dual motor riser recliner chair?

Single motor riser recliner chairs:

Single motor chairs have one motor that moves the backrest and footrest simultaneously. As you recline the chair, the backrest lowers and the footrest rises. As you bring the chair out of the recline position, the backrest moves up and the footrest down, prior to the chair continuing its motion into the rise position if the button is held down.

Although the simplest to operate as there are only two buttons, single motor chairs do not offer the same number of possible seating positions as dual motor chairs, so it’s important to ensure that you get advice before making your decision.

Dual motor riser recliner chairs:

As the name suggests, a dual motor riser recliner chair has two motors, one that controls the backrest and one that controls the footrest. This means you can adjust the backrest and footrest independently, allowing an infinite number of positions to be achieved.

Would you benefit from a variable angle lift (VAL) chair?

This option may be beneficial for patients with certain medical conditions. It allows the seat angle of the chair in the raised position to be adjusted from the standard 30° to 20° or 10°. This lower seat angle means that you are in a more upright position prior to standing.

The VAL option is available on both single or dual motor chairs for most seat sizes.

Selecting the back style for your bespoke riser recliner chair:


A removable, flat, fibre-filled back that can be filled as required to allow for a personalised level of comfort and support to be achieved. The zip allows for easy access and adjustment.


Offers large, supportive wings with a cascading waterfall back for optimum comfort and postural support. This style ensures the cushions are held in position and enables you to create your own personalised comfort whilst helping to maintain posture.


This chair has a fibre-filled pillow back which is removable. Wings and generous lateral cushions support the back, shoulders and hips when reclined and can be very beneficial for those who need additional trunk support.


The sleek button back creates a look that is both neat and elegant.

Selecting the arm style for your bespoke riser recliner chair:


A stylish, contemporary design which provides maximum support.

Rounded edge

A contemporary curved alternative to the square arm providing sturdy support.


A truly modern and practical arm style, which offers plenty of support.


A modern alternative to the traditional scroll arm.

Rounded retro

An arm style which adds a stylish twist to the chair.


A practical option for those who need a robust, stable support to assist into a standing position.

Selecting the upholstery for your bespoke riser recliner chair:

Please contact us if you have a fabric in mind that is not featured as we have a very wide range of options available.

Standard upholstery

Our standard upholstery fabric is a plush fabric with a soft, velvety texture. It’s available in 44 modern and vibrant colours and is washable at 30°.

Waterproof upholstery

Our vinyl upholstery ranges are waterproof, fire retardant and feature enhanced antimicrobial and stain resistance.

Leather upholstery

There’s nothing quite like the sumptuous, soft feeling of quality leather. Our leather comes from one of the world’s leading leather producers. Please remember that as a natural product, leather will often display traces of its past such as brand marks, scars, growth lines, veins, and areas of differing fibre density. These hallmarks in no way detract from its natural beauty.

Ultraleather® upholstery

Ultraleather® offers ultimate classic styling, redefining the experience of leather. This leading performance fabric is highlighted by a natural grain appearance and an extensive colour offering, providing limitless design options. It offers unrivalled softness and an understated look in a material that is proven to endure.

Measuring for your chair

For our bespoke riser recliner collection you are able to specify five different measurements to ensure your chair is just right for you.

When taking these measurements, always ensure that the person who will be using the chair is wearing their normal footwear.

Seat width (A):

In a seated position, measure from the widest point to the widest point of the bottom. Add 5cm/2” to this measurement to determine the ideal seat size.

Seat depth (B):

Make sure the bottom is positioned as far back in the chair as possible. Measure from the rear most position of the bottom to the back of the knee. The required seat depth is usually 2.5cm/1” less than this measurement. However, as a general rule, you should be able to place two fingers between the back of the knee and the front of the seat cushion.

Seat height (C):

This is the measurement from the floor to the back of the knee.

Back height (D):

The ideal back height is one that is tall enough to adequately support the head. Measure from the top of the seat cushion to the top of the head.

Armrest height (E):

To determine the ideal armrest height, the arms should be in a position such that the shoulders are not in a raised or dropped position. Measure from the top of the seat cushion to the top of the armrest.

If you’re still unsure which riser recliner chair you should choose, get in touch with us today where our friendly team are on-hand to answer any questions you may have and to best advise on which chair would be the best for you or your family member.

You can also book a free assessment online where one of our representatives will come to your home to discuss what type of chair you’re looking for so that we can get a better understanding of your mobility issues to best advise you and the features you may need and the right chair for you.

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