Riser Recliner Chairs

Riser recliner chairs are fantastic options for people with mobility issues or elderly people who struggle to get in and out of their chairs at home.

Furthermore, if you or a loved one spends most of their day sitting down, in normal chairs, it may cause the joints to cease, making it - in some cases - quite painful and a real challenge to stand up out of the chair.

Our riser recliner chairs offer an easier way to gently be moved into a position where you can exit the chair with ease. With many different positions available, you can set your riser recliner chair to help correct poor body posture and relieve back pain.

All our chairs offer the ability to recline the backrest, elevate the footrest and raise the chair up to assist the user in a standing position.Whilst physically you or your family member may experience challenges, mentally it can also be quite upsetting, especially if you or they are used to living independently.

Riser recliner chairs, whilst being versatile and practical, can offer mental health benefits, even such as giving you or your family member their independence back, which can go a long way in personal happiness.

Take a look at all the different riser recliner chair designs we have to offer.


From £725.00


From £725.00


From £1,070.00


From £1,070.00


From £1,070.00


From £1,070.00

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