What is an Adjustable Bed and why do you need one?

What is an Adjustable Bed and why do you need one?

Beds come in all shapes and sizes and there are many different types of beds, each with their own benefits. 

With an adjustable bed, you can adjust your bed’s position and alignment to suit you. 

Whereas previously adjustable beds were seen as hospital beds or for the elderly, they have grown in popularity with people of all ages. 

But why choose an adjustable bed? 

In this article, we take a closer look at adjustable beds and why they could suit you or a family member with mobility.

Benefits of an adjustable bed

Helps ease back pain 

Do you suffer from back pain and struggle to get comfortable in bed? 

With an adjustable bed, you can find the right sleeping position for you to help relieve your back pain, something that a traditional bed can’t offer, unless you fancy stacking pillow upon pillow.

Improves posture

An adjustable bed shapes your body so that your spine is supported whilst helping to maintain a neutral position so that you can get a comfortable night’s sleep by easing strain on key pressure points in your body. 

Reduces snoring 

If you live with a snorer, the thought of a quiet night’s sleep seems out of the question. 

However, elevating the head helps to increase airflow, an adjustable bed can help reduce snoring, so that you can get some much-needed rest. 

Lifestyle benefits 

Whether it’s being able to sit up and watch telly in bed or you and your partner being able to have different sleeping positions, an adjustable bed has a host of lifestyle benefits. 

A better night’s sleep 

Getting a good night’s sleep is not only important for your physical health but it is also important for your mental health. 

By being able to choose a sleeping position that makes you more comfortable means that you will ultimately get a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling more refreshed. 

In need of a good night’s rest? An adjustable bed might just be the bed you need. 

If you’re looking for a new adjustable bed, get in touch for advice, or see our range of adjustable beds online, made to match your requirements in a range of colours.