British Manufacturing – Getting Britain back on its feet after Covid 19

British Manufacturing – Getting Britain back on its feet after Covid 19

It is difficult to find the right words to describe the situation over the last year. ‘Surreal’ seems the most appropriate! We have all been affected by Covid 19 in different ways and will continue to feel its effects for some time.Over the last year, British manufacturing firms across the land have been pulling out all the stops to support the Government, the NHS and the British people, with many companies switching gears and working together to produce the goods that have been most urgently required. Brewdog adapted production to concentrate on producing the alcohol required to make hand sanitiser, and household names such as Dyson, Ford and Rolls Royce concentrated their efforts on producing ventilators for the NHS.

Here at Recliner Chairs & Beds in Nottinghamshire, we have remained open throughout all the lockdowns supplying the NHS. We are proud that our chairs and beds continue to play a key part in improving the experience of patients and relatives. Designed to support your body and provide optimal comfort and security, our recliner chairs and adjustable beds provide pain relief and greater independence.

The collective effort of businesses to pull together and support areas of need have been so great, that it has been likened to Wartime efforts of the past. However, while some of the larger manufacturing businesses have been able to change tack in order to respond to the pandemic, many other British firms have been forced to slow down or cease production altogether, due to the restrictions imposed by the Government.

Sadly, this has been a very difficult time for many of our precious smaller British manufacturing businesses. With staff on furlough and disrupted supply chains, the pandemic has taken a toll on British manufacturing.

Now, with the vaccine roll out -hopefully -the worst is behind us, there is certainly space for optimism once more. The Government is starting to ease lockdown over the coming weeks and encouraging us to visit non-essential shops again soon. 

Looking after our health has never felt more important. And for many, this feels like an opportunity to take stock and think about our lifestyles. We are able to go out and meet with people, exercise outside, and shop -provided of course that we adhere to the social distancing rules.

At Recliner Chairs & Beds, we have over 50 years’ experience of manufacturing high quality furniture. Our stylish recliner chairs and adjustable beds are expertly designed and manufactured in our Nottinghamshire factory. If you’re experiencing aches and pains after periods of sitting down, or in the morning after a night’s sleep, it could be time to think about a new chair or bed.


Call 0115 8800 110 to book a chair or bed assessment. Our friendly staff wear the correct PPE throughout your visit in order to ensure that everyone stays safe.