5 Reasons why a recliner chair might be for you!

5 Reasons why a recliner chair might be for you!

When I suggested to my mother-in-law that she try a recliner chair she looked a bit miffed, “I’m not quite ready for one of those yet!” she replied. I had clearly touched a nerve! As a fairly fit 60 something, she takes regular walks with the dog, enjoys gardening and crosswords, and clearly felt that she didn’t fit into the category of someone who might benefit from a recliner chair.

And yet … she frequently complained about lower back pain, and her neck was giving her a bit of trouble. I pointed out that she was finding it difficult to get up after sitting for long periods with the crossword or after watching a film.

I wasn’t particularly surprised by her reaction – perhaps you might feel the same way if I’d suggested it to you? There can be an assumption that recliner chairs are only really useful to the ‘elderly’ - people whose muscle strength has deteriorated and who have difficulty in standing up without help.

Read on to find out how I changed my mother-in-law’s mind, by explaining five ways in which a recliner chair could change your life for the better.

Improves your comfort

No two bodies are the same. A recliner chair can be adjusted to suit you and your body perfectly. There are different options when it comes to back height, seat depth and width, to ensure that you are fully supported and comfortable.

The luxurious yet supportive padding makes our recliner chairs a dream to sit in – so you feel both comfortable and secure. At the touch of a button, the chair will assist you to move smoothly from a seated to a standing position with none of the effort that you may be used to.

Increases life expectancy

People who spend long periods sitting down in a chair or on the sofa often develop rounded shoulders and a forward head posture. This posture causes muscles around the chest to tighten, preventing the rib cage from expanding fully, and causes people to take more rapid, shallow breaths as a result. Stress-related illnesses, respiratory problems, and high blood pressure are all symptoms of long-term shallow breathing.

Changing to a recliner chair will immediately alter your posture, supporting your body to sit naturally and comfortably. This allows you to breathe more fully and from your diaphragm. So even if you don’t consider yourself ready for a recliner chair, you may be very pleasantly surprised by the difference it can make to your wellbeing. 

Lifestyle enhancing

If you find yourself struggling with aches and pains after a period of sitting in your usual chair or sofa, then it is not supporting your body correctly.

With a recliner chair you’ll be free to enjoy seated hobbies and activities without any discomfort. This can really improve your wellbeing by allowing you to spend time doing the things that you love, and also makes social occasions more enjoyable. Our chairs also include an option for a USB port for mobile devices.

All of our recliner chairs are available in a choice of high-quality fabrics, with different back and arm rest styles. They are very attractive and a far cry from the old fashioned and clunky chairs of the past – so you don’t need to worry about your recliner chair looking out of place in your sitting room.

Improves mobility and maintains independence

A recliner chair helps you to maintain independence by putting you in control. All our chairs offer the ability to recline the backrest, elevate the footrest and raise the chair up to assist the user into a standing position. This can be a huge benefit to anyone who has painful knees or hips or following surgery.

You can select the option of having lift-off, removable arms to ease the transition into the chair from a wheelchair.

Relieves pressure on joints

A recliner chair will ensure that you sit with correct posture. This ensures that you don’t put undue pressure on any of your joints. We offer a range of seat cushion options for enhanced pressure area care tailored to you.

After explaining the benefits of a recliner chair to my mother-in-law, she was interested enough to order a brochure. Six months on, and she says that she couldn’t imagine ever giving up her recliner chair. Her back ache is much improved, and the neck pain which used to follow an afternoon spent with the crossword has disappeared completely.

If you been advised by your doctor or nurse to elevate your legs when sitting down, or you tend to sit for long periods in the same chair, then it is well worth you trying a recliner chair. I’m fairly certain that you won’t look back!

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