Choosing The Best Walking Stick For The Elderly

As you get older, you may not be as mobile as you once were.

However, walking sticks are great for giving you extra support when you’re...

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The benefits of nature for seniors

From an early age, we are always told about the importance of getting outdoors, always being encouraged to get some fresh air. 

However, as an adult,...

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What is an Adjustable Bed and why do you need one?

Beds come in all shapes and sizes and there are many different types of beds, each with their own benefits. 

With an adjustable...

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Memory Foam vs Pocket Sprung: Which Mattress Is Best?

When choosing a mattress, the choice between memory foam or pocket sprung is a common dilemma people are faced with when buying a new mattress. 


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How to sleep better: Tips for a better night’s sleep

Have you ever had a bad night’s sleep? Noticed how tired and run down you felt the next day? 

A good night’s sleep is not only...

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The Trick To Age Gracefully

As you grow older you may not be as fit as you once were, but you shouldn’t let your age limit you.

With people making the most of later life,...

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Bespoke Seating Assessment Service

Are you thinking of purchasing a recliner chair but don’t know where to start?

We can take the stress away to ensure you get the right product...

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A healthy body and an active mind – hobbies for the cooler months

Have you noticed how each Season carries hints of the one to come?

Over the last week or so, I’ve started to notice the first signs of Autumn...

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5 ways to stay stress-free

Stress is something everyone feels at times, and there are all kinds of stressful situations that can be a part of daily life. There are plenty of things...

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Gentle exercises for seniors

Staying active later in life is a key means of staving off debilitating conditions and diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. This is why exercising is so...

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